Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector
Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector For Laptop

Anti-blue light TV, computer protective film

Anti-blue light protective film

Anti-blue light protective film is a transparent medium used on the surface of the screen to prevent blue light from harming the eyes and effectively protect human eyes and skin. Hacker anti-blue light protective film adopts EYEO2 high-tech oxygen eye technology, also known as EYEO2 oxygen eye anti-blue light to prevent energy crossing technology (referred to as oxygen eye technology). It can effectively filter 100% of high-energy short-wave blue light from 380 nanometers to 410 nanometers, 60% of blue light from 420 nanometers to 450 microns, filter out all high-energy short-wave blue light in blue light, reduce the harm of blue light emitted by the screen to the human body, and at the same time It can also be used to effectively protect the screens of TVs, computers, and 3C digital products, without bumps, cuts, and scratches.

Blue light hazards

As we all know, blue light is an important part of visible light. Blue light has short wavelength and high energy, and can directly penetrate the crystal and reach the retina. A large amount of blue light is retained in artificial light sources such as LEDs and computer backlights, which makes the artificial light whiter and brighter, causing glare. The short-wave blue light of 380nm-420nm has high energy and can directly reach the retina, causing the retina to generate free radicals. Free radicals will cause the retinal pigment epithelial cells to die, and then the photosensitive cells will lack nutrients, causing vision damage, resulting in macular degeneration, crowding Compression of the lens, causing myopia!

According to the data from the Ophthalmology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, among the 420 million netizens in China, 63.5% of them suffer from eye diseases of varying degrees, such as decreased vision, cataracts, and blindness due to blue light and radiation. The blue light hazards are as follows:

Blue light can reach the retina, causing myopia

  • Blue light can stimulate brown pigment, which is the cause of macular and freckles on the skin
  • Blue light can cause fundus damage after cataract surgery
  • Blue light can cause blurred vision, causing visual fatigue and causing VDT syndrome
  • Blue light can cause glare
  • Blue light can inhibit the secretion of melatonin, disturb sleep, and increase the incidence of major diseases.

Third, the role of computer TV film

Computer TV film has the following functions

  1. Prevent myopia and protect eyes. It can prevent the deepening of vision caused by high-energy short-wave blue light from 380um to 420um to damage the eyes;
  2. Protect the skin. It can prevent skin dryness caused by UV reflection and cause skin pigmentation and melasma, thereby protecting the skin from blue light damage.

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