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Which screen protector is currently the best selling on the market?At present, the main screen protector materials on the market are pet, tempered glass, and TPU.These three screen protectors, today I will help you analyze them.

Features of various screen protectors

1.PET screen protector

Polyester film with a matte coating on one side and silicone glue on the other make up PET plastic screen covers. Screen protectors made of high-quality PET plastic are clear and offer an anti-scratch layer to the screen. Though they don’t protrude as much as tempered glass, these screen protectors provide very little impact protection.

huawei p30 pro hydrogel screen protector

2.Tempered glass screen protector

Tempered glass is made by subjecting glass to various thermal and chemical processes in order to strengthen its strength. It’s utilized in cell phone screen protectors, car windshields, safety eyewear, kitchen appliances, and, you got it, cell phone windshields. For a variety of reasons, high-quality tempered glass is one of the best screen protectors: it transmits light well, resulting in a clear display. It’s anti-reflective and reduces glare. Tempered glass has the same look and feel as your phone screen, so you won’t even know it’s there.

primo tempered glass screen protector

3.TPU screen protector

TPU plastic is another form of screen protector. This is a flexible, almost stretchy plastic that may be used on any phone from edge to edge. It is more impact resistant than PET plastic and has “self-healing” abilities for minor scratches.Moreover, the TPU screen protector is suitable for the screen of any mobile phone model on the market, which can effectively help merchants reduce inventory pressure.

tpu screen protector blade hydrogel screen protector

The above-mentioned screen protectors are the best-selling screen protectors on the market.fancyscreens is a manufacturer with 20 years of experience in the production of screen protectors. We have professional equipment and can produce all kinds of high-quality screen protectors.If necessary, you can contact us.

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