Characteristics and application of TPU protective film
hydrogel screen protector iphone 12

TPU protective film, like this one, glass-proof like 3D tempering, plays the material in rubber and plastic. It is also an environmentally friendly material.

TPU protective film is a polymer elastic material,and a new type of environmental protection material. Its special molecular structure makes it have excellent physical properties, such as: high elasticity, wear resistance, high strength, hardness, ductility, waterproof, Breathable, oil-resistant and mold-resistant. The TPU protective film can maintain elasticity for a long time in the range of -60℃-200℃.

Product application: TPU protective film is used for shatter-proof protection of digital screens, electronic screens, automotive instruments, optical sheets, and optical resin boards.

Storage conditions: Valid for 1 year, storage temperature 18℃-22℃ and relative humidity 60%RH. Best storage conditions: temperature 22°C and relative humidity 50%RH.

TPU features: excellent structural and mechanical properties, wear-resistant ground anti-skid, excellent ultra-low temperature flexibility, excellent production and processing flow and rapid prototyping technology, low temperature and high temperature resistance, good clarity, stable extrusion performance, stable melting point .

The use and production process of TPU protective film

TPU film is widely used in daily necessities,and industrial production industries such as shoe materials, electronic devices, electric equipment, industrial equipment, auto parts, pipes, wires and cables, films, etc. .

TPU film production process,and application Production and processing methods: injection molding, extrusion, injection molding, film blowing.

Polyester TPU film features: excellent structural mechanical properties, wear-resistant ground and anti-skid, excellent ultra-low temperature flexibility, excellent production and processing flow and rapid prototyping technology, low temperature and high temperature resistance, good clarity, stable extrusion performance , The melting point is stable. To put it bluntly, an elastomer means that the glass transition temperature is lower than the indoor temperature, the tensile strength is > 50%, and the reducibility is better after the external force is removed. Polyurethane elastomer is a relatively unique type of elastomer; polyurethane elastomer has a wide range of hardness and a wide range of properties. Therefore, polyurethane elastomer is a kind of fiber material in the middle of vulcanized rubber and plastic.

The application of TPU protective film is relatively extensive, for example: it was used as a keyboard protective film earlier. Now it is mostly used in mobile phone screens, computer screens, etc. Today we mainly talk about the application of TPU protective film on the screen of mobile phones and electronic products.

The difference between tempered film and TPU hydraulic film

We all know that the mobile phone film,is generally more advocated,or prefer to paste the tempered glass film, because compared with the TPU protective film, the tempered glass film is more resistant to shattering, hydrophobicity and oil (applied by fingerprint oil), appearance, and feel are better than TPU film is good, but there are still many merchants who choose TPU protective film factory, why! Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and tempered film also has disadvantages. The effect of 3D tempered film on curved glass is not as good as that of TPU film.

The 3D edge glued tempered film is to apply glue around the glass to make it stick to the screen, but because there is no glue in the middle, the viscosity is not enough, and it may fall off in five or six days, and the use time is not long.

3D full glue tempered film refers to the whole piece of glass coated with glue to make it better stick to the screen and not easy to fall off. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to paste and bubbles are prone to appear.

Mobile phone TPU protective film is more suitable for 3D curved screen mobile phones, easy to fit, not easy to have air bubbles, and the price is cheaper than 3D tempered film, which is why merchants choose TPU protective film factories for 3D curved screens.

Different materials: The hydrogel film is a honeycomb-structured TPU material with super toughness. Because its material is relatively soft, it can only play a scratch-resistant role on the mobile phone screen, and has no anti-drop buffering effect; the tempered film is made of tempered glass.

The scope of application is different: the hydrogel film is suitable for curved screen, because it is equivalent to a soft film, so it will not warp, but the hardness and wear resistance.

Different degrees of resistance to falling: The tempered film is more resistant to falling than the hydrogel film, which can prevent the glass panel from being broken and scattered due to the accidental impact of the mobile phone, reducing the glass panel.

In use, the hydrogel film may also have water ripples that affect the look and feel of the screen, while the tempered film has a higher picture transmittance.

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