Does anti-blue light film work? What is its principle?
anti blue light iphone screen protector

The principle of anti-blue light film to protect the eyes is to absorb and transform the high-energy short-wave blue light emitted by the light source, greatly reducing the stimulation of blue light to the eyes, so as to achieve the effect of preventing myopia, so the anti-blue light film can also prevent myopia.

Identification method:

  1. The anti-blue light mobile phone film is very exquisite in workmanship, and you can choose a big brand with reliable quality.
  2. The anti-blue light test light can be used to test the mobile phone film.
  3. Rely on professional anti-blue light detection equipment.

Most people who watch electronic screens for a long time have this experience:

Eye fatigue and blurred vision after playing on the phone for a long time;

After watching the video for a long time, I feel sore eyes or even tears;

After playing the game for a long time, I feel that my eyes are afraid of the strong light environment;

anti blue light iphone screen protector
anti blue light iphone screen protector

The above situations are partly due to the impact of blue light exposure on our eyes.

      In August 2011, Professor Richard Fink, a famous German ophthalmologist, published a report entitled "Blue Light Seriously Threatens Retinal Nerve Cells" in the "European Journal of Neuroscience", pointing out that the continuous exposure of blue light to our eyes will cause vision diseases, In particular, the light emitted by the screens of mobile phones and iPads contains a large amount of high-energy short-wave blue light with irregular frequencies.

     This high-energy short-wave blue light can directly penetrate the lens and reach the retina, causing the retina to generate free radicals. Free radicals can lead to the death of retinal pigment epithelial cells, and then cause the photosensitive cells to lack nutrients, resulting in visual impairment, macular degeneration, and compression and contraction of the lens, resulting in myopia.
iphone screen protector with blue light filter
iphone screen protector with blue light filter

In 2014, the second-generation anti-blue light technology was popularized, and accessory manufacturers successively added a layer of anti-blue light coating to the protective film, which can effectively weaken the passage of short-wave blue light and thus protect eyesight. The tempered film produced by some technically strong accessory manufacturers can reduce blue light to only about 30%. Because most of the blue light is weakened, it is a normal phenomenon that the screen with the anti-blue light film is a little yellowish. The principle is almost the same as the yellowish screen after the eye protection mode is turned on on the mobile phone.

    Therefore, for people who watch the screen for a long time, do not want to cause myopia to deepen, and want to protect their eyesight, it is a good choice to stick an anti-blue light film.

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