Flexible tpu screen protector

The next step in the screen protector food chain is TPU (thermoplastic polyreuthane). Scratch resistance, flexibility, oil and grease resistance, and greater toughness are all features of this chemically modified plastic. The material’s “self-healing” properties are limited due to its elasticity. This means that due to its mild softness, it can absorb non-extreme impact, such as most drops and light scratches, while preserving the majority of its original composition. Lighter scratches, for example, usually leave only a small depression in the soft plastic, which gradually returns to normal.

ferilinso screen protector z fold 3
ferilinso screen protector z fold 3

A TPU protection is, presumably, a better choice than PET film if you are ready to pay a somewhat higher price. It will, at the absolute least, give better impact protection (but you shouldn’t take any chances). It’s also more pleasant to the touch, albeit it’s not as smooth as glass. The best thing, in my opinion, is that you’ll be able to tell your friends and acquaintances how your phone has “fighter jet defense.” Isn’t it amazing?

Advantages of tpu screen protector compared to tempered glass screen protector

1.Easier to fit
2.The operation is sensitive, and there will be no unresponsive operation.
3.Screen fingerprint unlock sensor compatible.
4.Anti-shock and anti-drop, strong durability.
5.Minor scratches are automatically repaired.
6.Applicable to any model of mobile phone, tablet computer and watch, reducing the pressure on merchants’ inventory.

These screen protectors function well with curved displays and in-screen fingerprint technology, which is becoming increasingly common in new devices, thanks to the material’s high flexibility. Full-screen coverage and case compatibility are common features of these screen protectors.

rockspace hydrogel screen protector
rockspace hydrogel screen protector

TPU protectors are a little harder to come by, but they offer the ideal balance of price and toughness.

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