How to apply tpu screen protector

With the development of the times, smartphones have basically spread all over the world, and their styles and functions are changing with each passing day. At present, mobile phones on the market are basically touch screens. Daily use may cause damage to the screen, so most people choose to stick a screen protector.

tpu screen protector cutting machine
tpu screen protector cutting machine

Today we will talk about how to use a tpu mobile phone protective film perfectly?

Applying a tpu protective film is mainly divided into the following steps

1.put the tpu protective film into the smart protective film cutting machine

2.Choose the right phone model and wait for the cutting to finish.(fancyscreens’ smart protective film cutting machine can permanently update mobile phone model data for free, and cut accurately.)

3.Take out the cut protective film and exclude the unnecessary parts.

4.Tear off the old protective film of the phone screen and use it to clean the screen of dust and smudges.

5.Align the tpu screen protector with the position of the phone screen.

6.Use a special scratch card to scratch along the protective film.

7.Peel off the protective layer of the protective film.

Advantages of tpu screen protector

1.Compared with other screen protectors, tpu screen protectors are suitable for all mobile phone models without corresponding inventory, reducing inventory pressure.

2.Perfect fit, no edge warping, self-eliminate air bubbles.

3.Drain oil and anti-fingerprint.

4.Scratches auto repair.

5.Anti-shock and anti-drop, perfectly protect your phone screen.

In this way, a tpu screen protector can be perfectly applied.How to apply tpu screen protector? Below is our detailed film tutorial.

How to apply tpu screen protector

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