How to choose a screen protector for your phone?
TPU screen protector

The smart phones we use today are all touch-screen, and the screen area is gradually increasing. If we don’t have a screen protector, keys in the pocket or other sharp objects may damage the screen of the phone, so it is very important to install a suitable screen protector for the phone.

There are various types of mobile phone screen protectors, and the suitable screen protector should be selected according to the characteristics of the mobile phone.For example, if I have a curved screen phone, I would choose a TPU screen protector which is easier to fit.

Screen Protector Review

How to choose a screen protector for your phone?Taking my curved phone as an example, I tried many different types of screen protectors, and in the end I chose TPU screen protectors because tpu has the best fit, although it is not as protective as tempered glass films. , but the feel and smoothness of the tpu are not comparable to the tempered glass film.The TPU screen protector also has the function of automatic scratch repair and automatic bubble repair, and the installation is very simple, so I think TPU screen protector is the most suitable screen protector for curved screen mobile phones.

TPU screen protector

Operational Sensitivity

TPU screen protector have High sensitivity and response just like original screen.Hydrophobic and Oleophobic coating prevent your phone from stains like oil, fingerprints, etc.Super thin and high transparency design guarantees HD viewing experience.Excellent fingerprint and touch sensitivity for unlocking.

TPU screen protector


Although TPU screen protector does not have the hardness of tempered glass screen protector, TPU also has unique protective properties.Unbreak edges, flexible and explosion-proof decompose impact force to protect the phone.Extremely flexible to fully protect 3D, rounded and curved edge screens.Significantly increase the screen Sturdy, no need to worry about the screen is fragile for daily use.So, I think tpu is the best screen protector for my phone.

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