How to deal with bubbles in mobile phone protective film
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Mobile phones have now become one of the magic that everyone must have. Basically, everyone will have a mobile phone, and it is even more difficult for us to leave the dependence of mobile phones. Mobile phones have become the dominance of real society. After buying a new mobile phone, many people will put a layer of film on the mobile phone, which can effectively protect the screen of the mobile phone. In addition, online shopping is so developed that many people buy film on the Internet and then go home. Post it yourself. But sometimes a lot of bubbles appear when the film is accidentally applied, which will become quite ugly, so what should I do at this time? Below, the editor will tell you how to remove the air bubbles in the mobile phone film.

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When removing air bubbles, prepare tools first, a pair of scissors, some scotch tape and a small piece of cloth. With these tools, it is very easy to completely remove the air bubbles in the film. So next, I will explain to you what the specific steps are.

You can use this small piece of cloth to push the air bubbles on the screen first, which can make the contact area between you and the entire screen larger, and there will be no gaps to let the air bubbles run away when pushing, and you must be careful when pushing. Push slowly, don’t accidentally cause more and more bubbles, this will be very worthless. When pushing, you can also fold the cloth in half a few times, and then use its edge to push the air bubbles.

After pushing it a few times, you will find that there are still several very small bubbles on the screen of the mobile phone, and even if you push it a few times, you will still find that the bubbles will not be removed. Why does this happen? ? That is because there is quite small dust in this air bubble, which is a small air bubble formed by dust, so no matter how you push with a cloth, if you do not remove the dust inside, there will always be such air bubbles. At this time, all we have to do is to remove the dust in the bubbles.

At this time, tape can be used. Maybe everyone thinks of sticking fine dust with tape. In fact, this is the way, but we still need to do some skills when using it. You can cut a piece of tape, then stick it directly on the screen of the phone, and then pull up the piece of tape, the stickiness of the tape can pull the film up along the way. You only need a small gap, and then cut out a small piece of tape to directly stick the dust on the screen or on the film, so that the entire phone can be made more effective. It is clean and tidy. Finally, when the film is pasted on the mobile phone, it can be found that many of the original bubbles have basically disappeared.

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I believe that everyone has read this method of clearing bubbles on mobile phones. If you find bubbles appearing on the screen of your mobile phone in the future, you can try this method. The editor has also personally tested it, and it can be said that it is quite easy to use. The editor thinks: In fact, this method is definitely not the only way to clean up the bubbles on the screen, or when everyone is sticking the film, they should go to a special film maker to stick it, so that there will be no bubbles. If you have other ways to clear the bubbles on the mobile phone screen, you are welcome to leave a message to the editor in the comment area below, or you can also discuss in the comment area, and finally come up with a more effective way to clear the bubbles.

If you find it very troublesome, you can try to use a TPU screen protector, because the TPU screen protector has an automatic bubble repair function, which allows you to ignore the problem of bubbles.

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