How to get bubbles out of screen protector

Have you ever seen a bubble on your phone’s screen protector that appeared out of nowhere? Many phone users have had bubbles trapped beneath their screens. Unfortunately, bubbles are not only unappealing, but they can also be dangerous. They can make your screen protector less effective at protecting your phone if not taken care of properly. What you need to know is how to get the bubble out. Case-Mate explains how to remove air bubbles from a screen.

What Causes Air Bubbles in the First Place?

A variety of factors can cause bubbles to form. They usually develop as a result of voids or cavities forming beneath the glue used to adhere your screen protector to the phone’s glass. This is frequently the result of poor application or even microscopic dust and dirt stuck beneath the surface. Bubbles are also caused by the oil on our fingertips.
Even if you are really careful and apply the screen protector like a master, a bubble can occur many years later. Your screen can shift and generate a little bubble that increases over time, whether it’s due to pressure on the screen caused by drops or punching the screen too hard during games or messaging.

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How to Remove Air Bubbles from a Screen Protector

So, your screen protector has an unpleasant air bubble in it. The more pressing question is how to get rid of it. Here are some pointers on how to get rid of air bubbles and prevent them from forming in the first place.

In order to apply the screen protector, you must be in a clean environment.

Make sure you have a clean working environment before applying or installing your screen protector. This step is crucial because dust and small pieces of grit might cause a screen protector to bubble up. Make sure the workspace is spotless and the screen has been wiped off with an alcohol pad. Also, remove filth and oils from your hands by washing them with soap.

Allow time for the screen protector to be aligned.

When you have to remove a screen protector to readjust it, bubbles can form. So, before you apply the screen protector for the first time, do yourself a favor and take your time aligning it properly. You won’t have to deal with peeling it off after it has made contact if you do it right the first time. If any bubbles do appear, you should wait until the screen protector has formed a seal before removing them.

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Using a plastic card, pop bubbles

Bubbles can occur even if the screen protector is applied properly aligned. It’s fine if you have a few bubbles. However, avoid poking the bubble or attempting to smooth it out with your bare hand or fingers. Instead, choose a plastic card with a clean, firm edge that is free of nicks. Clean the card as well, just as you did in the previous step. Then, from the center to the perimeter of the screen, push out each bubble. Also, if possible, push in one direction. This will give you a better grip and get rid of the bubbles.

If a card doesn’t work and you have a bubble along the edge of the screen protector, try this method: With a small piece of plastic, gently lift the nearest corner, keeping your fingertips and natural oils out of the way. This will aid in the removal of the bubble. After that, you can use the plastic card to secure the screen protector to the phone’s glass surface once more.

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