The difference between tempered film and hydraulic film

Tempered film

  • Tempered film is a mobile phone film made of tempered glass, which is mainly divided into two categories: full coverage and non-full coverage. As the name implies, full coverage refers to a tempered film that can cover the screen display part and the frame, while a non-full coverage tempered film usually only covers the screen display part and the upper and lower borders.
  • The reason why the tempered film has full coverage and non-full coverage is mainly because most mobile phones currently use a 2.5D curved surface to handle the transition of the screen edge, and the glass itself is not easy to bend and cannot closely fit the curved surface. Therefore, the manufacturer chooses to introduce a glass part of the screen, surrounded by a full-coverage tempered film of plastic and other materials. Now there are also partially full-covered tempered films with all-glass.
  • The biggest advantage of tempered film is that it feels natural, and has high hardness, which is not easy to scratch, and has good protection ability. Moreover, the light transmittance of glass itself is better than that of plastic, and the look and feel will be closer to the state without the film than the plastic film.


Hydraulic film

  • The hydrogel film is a kind of plastic film, but the texture is softer than the traditional plastic film, and the bonding performance is better. In the past, some products needed to be sprayed with water when pasting. Now many hydraulic films do not need this step, so it has nothing to do with water, but the essence is also a hydraulic film.
  • Compared with the tempered film, the biggest advantage of the hydrogel film is that it can perfectly fit the mobile phone screen. Therefore, after the birth of the curved screen and the 2.5D curved screen, it gradually showed its skills and was welcomed by many film parties.
  • After all, the hydraulic film is a plastic film, and it is definitely not comparable to the tempered film in terms of hardness, light transmittance, scratch resistance and wear resistance. Some merchants say that the unbreakable hydraulic film is a major advantage of the tempered film. In fact, this cannot be called an advantage at all. Of course, the plastic film cannot be broken. In addition, due to its softness, it is more difficult to paste the hydrogel film, and there will be air bubbles if it is not pasted properly. It requires more patience when using this film.
TPU screen protector

The sapphire crystal coating is made of Japanese Asahi glass, which has high hardness and can resist 1000 times of steel wire friction and is very scratch-resistant. The ab glue is Toyo ab glue from Japan. It has good exhaust air and is not easy to produce air bubbles. Japan’s Daikin fingerprint oil, the surface is smooth and non-interfering, the touch screen is very sensitive, and each film is tempered for four hours. At the same time, this film is a circle smaller than the screen for the indefinite shell. There is also light leakage on both sides of the curved tempered film, and the black edge is slightly blocked, which is not suitable for patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

This kind of film is an old traditional process. There is glue on the whole film, which has stronger adsorption force and simpler operation. It can solve the hollow phenomenon caused by some dot film and edge glue film, so as to avoid the displacement of the film after a long time. Fingerprint unlocking is not sensitive, and there is no need to apply glue. There is a kind of uv film, which is that the glass slides are dipped in glue and then dried with a purple light. The process is like doing manicures for a long time. If you are not careful, the glue may flow into the earpiece and cause blockage. . When it is torn apart, it is like being dipped in 502 glue. If the film is torn apart, the glue will not fall off, and it will still remain on the screen.


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