Is Hydrogel Protective Film practical?
ferilinso screen protector z fold 3

According to market research on mobile phone protective films, the two most prevalent mobile phone protective films this year have been hydrogel screen protectors and tempered glass screen protectors.

Although they appear to be the same type, the Hydrogel Protective Film and the Tempered Glass Protective Film are actually different kinds of Soft Film that are entirely unrelated to the prior HD Screen Protector. The TPU material used to create the Hydrogel Screen Protector has exceptional ductility and shrinking. The advantages are that it is anti-fingerprint (especially when compared to the conventional high-definition film), can automatically repair scratches, and is ultra-thin (especially with the trend of thinner and thinner mobile phones, the advantages are more obvious). After adhering it, you don’t need to observe it carefully because the screen protector almost feels undetectable.

ferilinso screen protector z fold 3
ferilinso screen protector z fold 3

Many consumers believe that the Tempered Glass Screen Protector comes the closest to the sensation of streaking when compared to the Hydrogel Screen Protector. It is also highly clear, resistant to fingerprints and scratches, and reasonably priced. However, the fact that it is overly thick is a drawback. The Protective Film of toughened glass has grown thicker due to the popularity of curved screens and 2.5D glass, but this has introduced a new flaw: because it cannot be twisted, it performs poorly with curved screens.

The Hydrogel Film offers advantages from the standpoint of the Mobile Phone Screen Protector because of its specific performance is intended to be anti-falling and because the impact of external force depends on its own cushioning and shock absorption qualities. Like a fist slamming into a sponge.

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