Mobile phone screen protector material introduction

There are so many kinds of film on the market, which one is suitable for you? Let us introduce the types of mobile phone film one by one.

Privacy film

Using physical optical polarization technology, after the LCD screen is pasted, the screen only has visibility within 30 degrees from the front and the side, so that the screen is clearly visible from the front, but from the sides other than 30 degrees from the left and right, no screen content can be seen. .

High permeability anti-scratch film

The outer surface layer is treated with super wear-resistant material coating, which can effectively prevent scratches, stains, fingerprints and dust, and protect your love machine from external damage to the greatest extent.

privacy screen guard oneplus 8 tempered glass
privacy screen guard oneplus 8 tempered glass

Diamond film

The diamond film is embellished like a diamond, and it has a diamond effect and sparkles in the sun or light. It is eye-catching and does not affect the screen display. No bubbles are generated during use, and the exhaust speed is remarkable.

frosted film

The surface layer is a frosted layer, which can effectively resist the invasion of fingerprints, and the fingers will slide over without leaving marks; even if there are liquid residues such as sweat, it can be cleaned by just wiping it with your hands, which ensures the visual effect of the screen to the greatest extent.

mirror film

When the main screen backlight is off, the protective film acts as a mirror. Text and images can be displayed normally through the film when the backlight is on. The film is divided into 5 to 6 layers, and one layer is subjected to aluminum vapor deposition. Use this layer to reflect external light to achieve the mirror function.

3D film

3D three-dimensional pattern effects, various types, multi-heart, dragon pattern, butterfly, triangle, water cube, square, heart shape, meteor shower, woven pattern, fish scale, etc.

blue light screen protector iphone
blue light screen protector iphone

Color film

The mobile phone color film is a kind of personalized mobile phone protective film. Various personalized patterns are printed on the protective film, such as landscape characters, flowers, birds, insects and fish, cartoons and animations, star idols, celebrity calligraphy and painting, etc., and even couple photos, wedding photos, family photos. , life photos, art photos, etc., can be printed on the mobile phone protective film, so that the mobile phone protective film can not only be scratch-proof, dust-proof, anti-fouling, and radiation-proof, but also have a personalized decorative effect.

naked eye 3D film

Using the lenticular grating 3D film of the stereoscopic film in left and right format, the magical screen protector, as long as the mobile phone beauty system picture is pasted on the mobile phone, the screen can have the naked-eye 3D effect, and the naked-eye 3D display effect can be seen directly on the screen, no need to wear special Glasses can watch glasses-free 3D movies on the screen. Glasses-free 3D film is becoming a new development direction of mobile phone film, making up for the shortcomings of mobile phones, PDAs, etc. that cannot be directly watched 3D movies with naked eyes, allowing you to enter the era of naked-eye 3D and enjoy the world of naked-eye 3D stereoscopic shock.

Embossed film

The advent of the latest technology embossed film breaks the situation that the traditional mobile phone film only has a flat visual sense. As long as a thin screen protector is attached to the screen, it can immediately produce a lifelike bumpy feel, with colorful embossed patterns, mountains, Flowers and birds, ink and wash suddenly appeared in front of us, but such products are relatively rare on the market. Because there are not many manufacturers who master this technology, and the production process is complicated and the production capacity is low, the price is generally high, but if you can really own A favorite pattern embossed on the love machine will also be a good choice for some fruit fans.

Anti-blue light film

Anti-blue light protective film is a new type of screen protector on the market. Compared with traditional protective films, anti-blue light protective film has anti-scratch, waterproof, anti-peeping and other functions, and its most distinctive function is anti-blue light. .

mobile screen protector for eyes
mobile screen protector for eyes

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