Real reviews of TPU screen protectors
Application scope of TPU screen protector

Since I changed a curved screen mobile phone and I was not satisfied with the tempered glass screen protector many times, I decided to use the tpu screen protector. After using it for nearly half a year, I have summarized the following points to share with you.Here are Real reviews of TPU screen protectors.

Installation of TPU screen protector

There is no denying that the TPU screen protector is indeed very easy to install, and it is very suitable for curved screen phones, covering the phone screen perfectly. Even if there is a small amount of air bubbles during installation, that’s okay, it will be repaired automatically after 24 hours, in this convenient TPU screen protector works very well.

TPU screen protector

The protection of TPU screen protector

Although the TPU screen protector looks thin, the protection is decent. Because the ratio of TPU components can obtain products with different hardness, and as the hardness increases, the products still maintain good elasticity. The bearing capacity, impact resistance and shock absorption performance of TPU products are outstanding. Therefore, the TPU screen protector can Effectively reduce the impact from the outside and protect your phone screen.The TPU screen protector can also automatically repair minor scratches, the surface is oil and fingerprint resistant, and the surface is smooth.

TPU screen protector

Application scope of TPU screen protector

The application of TPU screen protector is very flexible and can be applied to any type of mobile phone or tablet on the market. You only need to use a cutting machine to cut it into a suitable size, which can be used flexibly, effectively reducing the inventory pressure of merchants.

Application scope of TPU screen protector

Parameters of TPU screen protector

TPU screen protector product features1.Extremely flexible to fully protect 3D, rounded and curved edge screens
2.Excellent fingerprint and touch sensitivity for unlocking
3.High clarity and good UV resistance to maintain visibility of the original display screen
4.Great adhesion, bubble resistance and compatibility with silicon adhesives
5.Exceptional stain and scratch resistance with coating layer
Suitable DeviceCompatible with all mobile phones on the market
Use layer thickness0.13-0.15mm
water drop contact angle≥105°

Finally, it is my Real reviews of TPU screen protectors. Overall, the TPU screen protector still makes me quite satisfied.

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