The difference between screen protectors

We usually give a new screen film, and the products we buy can be used for various purposes of the screen,and the glass that is scratched by various objects can also play a certain role in preventing shattering. TPU,their ordinary film can be a very common gadget, but do you really know PET material and film, and what effect does it have?

TPU film. The full name of TPU is thermoplastic polyurethane, which is a high-quality screen film with scratch resistance,elasticity, higher strength, and oleophobicity. Because it is an elastic material, TPU also has a certain degree of “self-healing” ability,and can absorb a certain degree of impact energy. In the face of daily falls and mild scratches,it can maintain all or most of the the original structure. Such a minor scratch will only leave a small pit on it,and it will slowly return to normal.

TPU film generally has better performance than PET film and can provide better impact protection;TPU film is usually added with suitable UV absorbers during production to enhance its weather resistance and anti-yellowing performance; In addition, the touch of TPU film is also better Better, though not quite as smooth as glass.

iphone 12 glass screen protector
iphone 12 glass screen protector

PET film. The PET screen film is a polyester film with a scratch-resistant matte coating on one side and a silicone adhesive on the other. High-quality PET film has high light transmittance and adds a scratch-resistant layer to the screen,but it cannot provide protection against impact and cannot be shattered. They have average scratch resistance and are resistant to scratches from fingernails, coins, and keys.

The price of PET film is low, but it is easy to change color and yellowing after being exposed to sunlight during use,and it is also easy to be stained with oil, and the touch is not as good as glass.

iphone x anti blue light screen protector
iphone x anti blue light screen protector

Tempered glass. In terms of materials, high-quality tempered glass films are all pressed from multiple layers of materials,the bottom layer is silicone that can absorb shock, then PET film, clear adhesive in the middle, and finally tempered glass and oleophobic coating. All of these scratch-resistant,drop-resistant and oleophobic materials are pressed into a glass membrane with a thickness of less than 0.4 mm.


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