The difference between tempered film and hydraulic film
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Different material structure

  • Tempered film: It is produced by tempering glass, and the materials used are AF explosion-proof PET material,
  • Hydrogel film: The hydrogel film is made of imported materials and adopts a spider web structure.

Two, the nature is different

  1. Tempered film: It has very good wear resistance and is very hard. Its Vickers hardness has reached 622 to 701.
  2. Hydrogel film: it has super extensibility and retractability, stronger, more drop-resistant, durable, better toughness, and has a certain buffering effect on the collision of sharp objects.

Three, the advantages and disadvantages of the diaphragm are different

  1. Tempered film: It improves the bearing capacity, enhances the wind pressure resistance, cold and heat resistance, and impact resistance of the glass itself. The tempered glass protective film is a higher level of protection for the mobile phone screen. Tempered film is thicker, easy to paste, more expensive, and not suitable for curved screens
  2. Hydrogel film: The curved screen can also be perfectly fitted to ensure that the edges are not warped and no white space is left. It is more beautiful and thinner. It is the same as if it is not pasted. The touch is more sensitive. The ultra-thin design gives you a bare metal-like experience. It is not as thick as a tempered film, so such a film will not affect the weight and feel of the phone.
phone tempered glass
phone tempered glass

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