TPU screen protector

tpu screen protector

What is TPU?

  • The full name of TPU is thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber.
  • Products with different hardness can be obtained by changing the ratio of TPU components, and with the increase of hardness, the products still maintain good elasticity.
  • The bearing capacity, impact resistance and shock absorption performance of TPU products are outstanding.
  • TPU can be processed by common processing methods of thermoplastic materials, such as injection, extrusion, calendering, etc.
  • TPU screen protector is oil-resistant, water-resistant, mold-resistant, and has a smooth surface.

The structure of TPU screen protector

tpu screen protector

Parameters of TPU screen protector

Features of TPU Screen Protector1.Full screen coverage for more thorough protection
2.Automatic scratch repair, 24H automatic scratch repair
3.Oleophobic and hydrophobic, no fingerprint residue, always keep clean
4.Fitting without warping, nano-rebound to relieve impact, protect the phone
5.High-definition and high-transparency, restore true colors
6.Easy to fit
7.Invisible explosion-proof, fast fingerprint unlock
8.Ready-to-use cut, reduce inventory pressure
Suitable DeviceUse all mobile phones on the market
Use layer thickness0.13~0.15mm
water drop contact angle≥105°

TPU screen protector function classification


TPU size

Applicable products of TPU screen protector

Applicable products of TPU screen protector