What is a privacy film?
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Anti-peeping film is the abbreviation of anti-peeping (look) film or privacy protection film, another common name is anti-peeping film.

The main function of the privacy film: protect the privacy of the screen and prevent peeping. It is usually used on the display screen, which can protect the information on the screen, so that the screen information can be seen on the front, and the screen information can not be seen on the side, so as to prevent the next person from seeing the screen content clearly, so as to protect privacy and prevent peeking.

Privacy film is an economical and convenient way to protect screen privacy; at present, some notebook computer manufacturers adopt switchable privacy protection solutions, and switch buttons when privacy protection is required.

anti blue light iphone screen protector
anti blue light iphone screen protector

So, how does the privacy film achieve the effect of being visible from the front and invisible from the side? This is explained from its design structure.

From the structure of the privacy film, we can see that it is controlled by the angle of the light, which changes the wide viewing angle of the screen (such as the 175-degree viewing angle of the display) into a narrow viewing angle (30 degrees); by arranging side by side The grating structure is realized. At a certain angle, the transmitted light is blocked by the grating and cannot pass through; the grating is made of resin and color paste and is rolled and cured by the mold, showing gray-black; the interval of the grating is usually 0.02~0.1 mm.

According to the applicable products, the privacy film can be divided into ATM privacy film, computer privacy film, mobile phone privacy film (there are two kinds of privacy tempered film and PET privacy film), and light control used in car display membrane.

According to the viewing angle of commercially available products, it can be divided into: left and right 25-degree viewing angle; left and right 30-degree viewing angle, left and right 45-degree viewing angle, etc.; it can be seen from the privacy protection diagram that the smaller the viewing angle, the greater the privacy protection angle. Larger, the better the privacy protection effect.

The origin of anti-peep film can be divided into: imported anti-peep film (such as 3M, Shixuan); domestic anti-peep film.

The anti-peep direction can be divided into: left and right anti-peep (that is, 180-degree anti-peep); four-sided anti-peep (ie, 360-degree anti-peep, four sides up, down, left, and right).

The thickness of the privacy film is between 0.15mm and 0.6mm.

At present, there are about 7-8 manufacturers of privacy protection film (specifically, the privacy protection structure layer) in the world. In terms of overall quality, the products of foreign manufacturers are doing well, with high light transmittance and good privacy protection effect; the consistency of quality is also very good. it is good. Such as American, Japanese, Korean companies. Domestic privacy film manufacturers are still catching up.

What is a good privacy film?

The main requirement of a good privacy film is that the privacy effect is good, and the second requirement is that the light transmittance should be high.

In addition, the privacy film must not have stripes, no black spots, no scratches on the surface, etc.

In the current production technology of privacy film, there are still many technical difficulties that need to be broken through. For example, the overall light transmittance is not high. The current light transmittance distribution of materials is between 50% and 85%; Gray-black.

privacy screen guard oneplus 8 tempered glass
privacy screen guard oneplus 8 tempered glass

Does privacy film affect vision?

The privacy film attached to the screen reduces the brightness of the screen; usually people who have this question are mostly because the brightness of the original screen is reduced after the privacy film is attached, some have stripes, and some are frosted on the surface of the privacy film ( AG processing, mainly for anti-glare and reflective needs), the texture is uncomfortable.

It is recommended that after using the privacy film, the brightness should be properly adjusted. Both sides of the computer privacy film can face outwards. Under strong light, it is recommended that the AG surface (matt surface) face outwards, which can prevent reflection and scratches. The AG surface has been hardened, and the surface hardness is 3H;

The obvious stripes are caused by the processing technology of the privacy film, which can be solved by selecting products with strict quality control.

fancyscreens privacy film

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