What is the purpose of the Hydrogel Film Cutting Machine?
tpu screen protector cutting machine

1.The front and back film of a variety of mobile phones, electronic watches, earphone shells, cameras, etc. can be used with it. The cut is clean and the phone fits within it flawlessly. (The tempered glass screen protector cannot be cut by the machine; only the hydrogel film can be cut.)

2.It is possible to physically alter the pressure of the blade head as well as retract, disassemble, and replace the hydrogel writing head.

tpu screen protector cutting machine
tpu screen protector cutting machine

3.The smart cloud data refreshes the most recent mobile phone models in real time with 8000+ mobile phone model data. Front, back, watch, iPad, and laptop films. Do whatever feels right and sensible to you.

4.The risk of an inventory backlog can be significantly reduced by cutting the mobile phone screen protector in real time for the appropriate mobile phone model. Appropriate for mobile phone stores, accessory stores, repair shops, digital stores, tool stores, small businesses, do-it-yourselfers, etc.

5.Application: Connect the power source, turn on the blue light by pressing the switch, then mount the blade head and blade holder as directed before placing the film sheet; link the screen protector cutting device’s WiFi; Choose the appropriate smartphone model, then click the “Cutting” button to initiate automatic cutting and quit the material after it has finished. Easy to use operation mode. Even those who have never interacted can learn how to function in

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