What is TPU protective film?

The first thing we need to know about TPU protective film is that it is not a glass material like 3D tempered glass film, but a material between rubber and plastic. This material is hydrophobic and oil-proof, and has good ductility, wear resistance, and good breathability. It is also an environmentally friendly material. Relatively speaking, the application of TPU protective film is relatively extensive. For example, it was used as a keyboard protective film earlier. Now it is mostly used in mobile phone screens, computer screens, etc. What we are mainly talking about today is the application of TPU protective film on mobile phones. fancyscreens is a TPU protective film factory, mainly developing and producing mobile phone protective film.

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hydrogel screen protector reddit

We all know that the mobile phone film is generally more advocated or prefer to paste the tempered glass film, because compared with the TPU protective film, the tempered glass film is more resistant to shattering, hydrophobicity and oil (applied by fingerprint oil), appearance, and feel are better than TPU film is good, but there are still many merchants who choose TPU protective film factory, why!

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and tempered film also has disadvantages. The effect of 3D tempered film on curved glass is not as good as that of TPU film. The 3D edge glued tempered film is to apply glue around the glass to make it stick to the screen, but because there is no glue in the middle, it is not sticky enough.

What is TPU protective film

Generally, it may fall off in five or six days, and the use time is not long. 3D full glue tempered film refers to the whole piece of glass coated with glue to make it better stick to the screen and not easy to fall off. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to paste and bubbles are prone to appear. Therefore, mobile phone TPU protective film is more suitable for 3D curved screen mobile phones, easy to fit, not easy to have air bubbles, and the price is cheaper than 3D tempered film, which is why merchants choose TPU protective film factory for 3D curved screen.

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