What makes screen protectors stick?
iphone x anti blue light screen protector

Tempered glass screen protectors cannot be electrostatically adsorbed on a smartphone screen; instead, they require a small layer of AB adhesive to adhere. This is in contrast to regular plastic screen protectors. The tempered glass screen protector‘s main technology, in addition to the glass material, is AB glue. can immediately impact the product’s installation and exhaust effect. As a result, one of the key elements in determining the quality of tempered glass screen protectors is AB glue.

What is AB glue?

PET serves as the basis for AB glue, which has silica gel and acrylic glue on opposite sides. The tempered glass is attached with acrylic glue, and silica gel, which has great exhaust performance, is used to adhere the screen protector to the phone’s surface and make installation easier.

The thickness of the AB adhesive layer varies depending on the application needs, but is typically between 0.1 and 0.38 mm. The exhaust effect improves with layer thickness, but that does not necessarily mean that a thicker layer is better. When the adhesive layer and tempered glass are both thicker than 0.6 mm, the glue will start to overflow from the edges as well. Sensitivity of the operation will be impacted. Due to variations in phone plates and tempered glass, AB adhesive requires precise adjusting for each phone model.

iphone x anti blue light screen protector

Additionally, the AB glue used for the tempered film for mobile phones must match the fundamental standards for optical grade, such as >90% light transmittance and no dirt with a diameter >0.2 mm, among others.

How to distinguish the quality of screen protector AB glue

The best technique to determine the caliber of screen protector AB glue is to install and inspect. The majority of premium AB glue products available today are made in Japan and South Korea.

The air between the tempered glass and the screen will be promptly discharged during the lamination process, and those screen protectors employing high-quality AB adhesive can be quickly bonded. Neither glue overflow nor white edges at the edges will occur. It can be used by even casual users who lack expert training. While those screen protectors employing subpar AB glue exhaust speed are slow, they cannot be installed, and there will be bubbles and white lines that are impossible to remove.

However, aside from imported goods, the quality of AB glue products from China has substantially increased with the advancement of technology and is now more affordable.

The entire process of creating a tempered glass screen protector involves a number of challenging procedures and sophisticated technology, from research and development to material selection to manufacturing. The performance of the entire range of tempered glass screen protectors is directly impacted by AB glue, although only making up roughly 16% of the cost of the complete tempered glass film package.

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