Which screen protector is suitable for curved screen phones?
tpu screen protector

With the advent of the era of smartphones, the styles of mobile phones are becoming more and more popular. At present, many mobile phones on the market have curved screens. So which screen protector is more suitable for mobile phones with curved screens? Please read below and we will answer this question in detail.

The screen protector of the curved screen mobile phone is difficult to fit

Due to the curvature of the edge of the curved screen mobile phone, the screen protector is very difficult to fit. Sometimes it is very perfect, but after a day or two, it can be detached or bubbles will appear.If it is some poor-quality tempered glass screen protectors, there may also be problems of falling off or screen operation failure.

My screen protectors test

Because my mobile phone is also a curved screen mobile phone, I tried many kinds of screen protectors, expensive, cheap, soft film, tempered glass film, and tried them all.

1.Edge glue tempered glass screen protectors

The price of the edge glued tempered glass film is very cheap, but the quality is concerned. Although it can be attached to the screen of the mobile phone and no bubbles are seen, the screen operation will be insensitive, it will fall off easily, and the screen fingerprint unlocking will fail, so I quickly Just replaced the screen protector.

primo tempered glass screen protector

2.Expensive tempered glass screen protectors

The second time, I tried an expensive tempered glass screen protector. Although it looked perfect when the staff helped me put it on, after one night, I found air bubbles on the edge of the screen. I tried to find a way. After the bubbles are eliminated, they will appear again shortly after. And I found that at some point I also found that the screen operation also failed. So I tried this tempered glass film for about a week and I replaced it.

primo tempered glass screen protector

3.Liquid Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The third time, I chose the liquid tempered glass screen protector, and I was very satisfied after using it for a week. There were no air bubbles on the screen, and the operation was very smooth. But after a week, white powder objects began to appear on the edge of the screen protector. Due to the possible glue on the edge, the edge of the screen protector was very dirty. Later, I accidentally dropped the phone to the ground and the screen protector broke. So, the liquid glass screen protector I won for over a week and then gave up.

iphone screen protector blue light filter

4.TPU Screen Protector

For the fourth time, I used a tpu screen protector, and finally I felt that it was the right choice, because the installation of the tpu screen protector is very simple, and the most amazing thing is that the bubbles and minor scratches can be repaired automatically. The screen operation is very smooth, and it is very suitable for fingerprint unlocking, and there is no situation where it cannot be unlocked. For merchants, tpu screen protectors can also reduce inventory pressure and are suitable for any mobile phone model on the market.

iphone hydrogel maxshield hydrogel screen protector


Finally, what do you think is the best screen protector for curved screen phones? After my own measurement, I personally think it is a tpu screen protector, what do you think?

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